Happy 90th Birthday, President Carter!
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President Carter turns 90 on October 1, 2014.

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Happy Birthday President Carter!!!! I hope you enjoy your day!!!

Kimberly West
United States

May all your wishes come true on this day. Wishes to dreams, You Dreamer!

Leslie Wasmund
Decatur, GA

Thank you and Mrs. Carter for being such selfless and honorable people. For other past presidents, being president was the goal. For you, it was just part of the journey to reach your goal of helping those around the world who needed it. Happy Birthday!

Marian Murrah
Social Circle, GA

You're an amazing person and I'm so proud to volunteer at The Carter Center!

Martha Abbott-Shim
United States

Happy birthday and best wishes for continued good health in the future.

Cheryln Granrose
Rome, GA

Dear President Carter, On behalf of all the wonderful volunteers who work with you and Mrs. Carter, I wish you a Happy 90th Birthday! I hope that many more healthful years ahead!!!!!

Shareen Iqbal
Atlanta, GA

President Carter, You have inspired me to be a better person in life. I will continue to serve the world and Atlanta for as long as I can. --The extremely tall volunteer

John Powell
Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday President Carter!!! Hope this day is wonderful and is as great and amazing as you are and have been as a person and leader. Happy 90th! Wishing you and Mrs. Carter a spectacular day! :)

Swetha Gupta
Duluth, GA

Happy, happy birthday to a man who has been my hero for the 25 years I have volunteered at The Carter Center!

Charis Johnson
Decatur, GA

Happy birthday. May the next 90 years be equally hopeful for all.

Patsy Thompson
Snellville, GA

Happy Birthday and peace on earth! Thank you for all that you do.

Barbara Teskey
Bishop, GA

I was honored by your presence at the volunteer reception, as well as at the Town Hall meeting two years ago, when I was a freshman at Emory. I consider it a privilege to serve as a volunteer at The Carter Center and jubilantly wish you a happy birthday!

Shannon Young
Augusta, GA

Volunteered @the Center for 17 years. Just celebrated my 90th also, with many relatives and friends. Do hope that you have survived those years as well as I have so you may continue your awesome works. God Bless!

Verne Tuttle
Skokie, IL

Oh Happy Day, President Carter! 90 trips around the Sun...keep up the good work! I just love, love, love volunteering for you! Hope you enjoy the Pollinator Garden. It was awesome installing it!

Teresa J. Howell
Nashville, TN

Happy birthday, President Carter! May all your wishes come true!

Kathy Winstead
Atlanta, GA

You continue to inspire me.

Bob Wells
Atlanta, GA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PRESIDENT CARTER...Thank you and Mrs. Carter for ALL that you do!! I love "volunteering" at the Center and "serving" at the center...Have a GREAT day...

Marie Shockley
Marietta, GA

Thank you for the love of humanity you show in everything you do. Enjoy your milestone birthday and keep on smiling - your smile reflects your loving heart - and we love you for it!

Debbie Karvey
Woodstock, GA

Congratulations on your 90th. You haven't aged a day since you turned 50!

Elinor Spalten
Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday President Carter! I hope you have a wonderful day and the year ahead is filled with fulfilling events and lasting memories.

Lorraine King
Dunwoody, GA

Your vitality, strength, and altruism inspire so many people to want to do more! What a gift...thank you and Happy Birthday!

Kay Pitstick
Villa Rica, GA

Happy Birthday and many more productive years ahead. Your activities help people live in better health. Jimmy, you are kind. Your Friend,

Pam Flournoy
Marietta, GA

Your life has truly reflected "Amazing Grace"! We thank God for giving you 90 years to serve Him. May this be a blessed time for you. It is our privilege to know you and to have had contact with you in the past at Maranatha.

Bill Givens
Atlanta, GA

God continue to Bless and Keep you for all your birthdays. We need and love you.

Mary Turk
Lithonia, GA

Happy Birthday, May you see many more and remember that others are wishing you happiness on this special occasion. We are very proud to call you Mr. President.

Erna Blazio
Katy, TX

Wishing you longer LIFE -- PROSPERITY -- HEALTH. May you continue to prevail over your enemies and the TRUTH you stand for. Thank you for your HONESTY AND STRENGTH. Those of us who know LOVE for and respect you. Thanks to your MOTHER for such a SON...

Stedman Aaron
Newark, NJ

Happy Birthday President Carter! Thank you for the gift you are!

Diane Bridges
Watkinsville, GA

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. You are an inspiration to us all.

David Kummer
Atlanta, GA

Thank you for all you have done - and continue to do for the world.

Margaret Johnson
Atlanta, GA

Thank you for your efforts to promote the development of China-US relations. It was my pleasure to be a volunteer translator at the Carter Center. Happy birthday, President Carter.

Tingyu Liu
Columbus, OH

Thank you Mr. President for all your service for our country!! God Bless You.

Geri Leandro
Cranbury, NJ

You are someone very special who has made so many lives better in your 90 years. Have a wonderful 90th birthday and many more healthy and happy years. Best Wishes,

Patricia Freedman
Atlanta, GA

You are an inspiration to us all. Have a Happy and Blessed Birthday to one who gives his all for the needy and down trodden. God has given you many gifts. Your fruit is plentiful, and your reward abounding. God's faithful servant.

Patricia Cruz-Stoessel
Cumming, GA

Happy Birthday, President Carter! I am proud to call myself a Carter Center volunteer and cannot think of a person more deserving of of all the hoopla around this great day.....(except perhaps Mrs. Carter!) Wishing you many more!

Robert Mayne
Marietta, GA

Best wishes for a wonderful 90th birthday! It has been my honor and privilege to serve as a volunteer at The Carter Center for the past ten years, and I'm looking forward to many more! I am so glad I can support all your great work!

Ann Levine
Atlanta, GA

Dear President Carter, Congratulations on 90 years and here's to a very special birthday. May the day and the year be memorial and rewarding.

Debbie Lemme
Decatur, GA

Happy birthday President Carter! Thank you for all you've done. It has always been a pleasure to hear to you speak, and I'm so glad to call myself a volunteer of the Carter Center.

Xiaoxin Yu
Decatur, GA

May this birthday and many more be grand. Thank you for all you've done through The Carter Center.

Deanna Congileo
Atlanta, GA

Many happy wishes to you on your birthday!! Your have been a world blessing in many ways.

Duane Park
Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday President Carter: I'm so glad to know of you. God bless you. Love,

Don Ingram
Edwardsville, IL

Happy Birthday President Carter! As a 27 year old Australian female, you are an inspiration world wide, as well as the greatest and most genuine president the US has had. If we had more leaders like you, the world would be such a better place.

Sofiya Hashmi
Parramatta, Australia

We extend our best wishes to you..... A Great Humanitarian!!!!!! , on your 90th. birthday.

Sebastian Tucci
Exeter, NH

President Carter, thank you for your many years of service and dedication. I am honored and humbled to be wishing you a very happy and meaningful 90th birthday!

Dana R. Seiler
Alpharetta, GA

Happy Birthday Mr. Carter!

Federico G. Daza
Houston, TX

Happy Birthday! We are working on killing the worm for you!

David Stobelaar
Juba, Southern Sudan

Your inspiring love transcends the years!

Kathy Ledvina
Savannah, GA

When you started your campaign door by door, some said "Jimmy who?"... and you have become known and recognized for your worldwide efforts towards Peace. We thank you very much, dear President Carter. Happy 90th Birthday and may God bless you.

Frank G. Hammond
Bloomington, IN

Happy Birthday President Carter. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Sheryl Saul
South Point, OH

Happy 90th Birthday, President Carter!!!!!

Patricia Ridgley
Napoleon, MI

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do.

Mary Costello
Athens, OH

Rust never sleeps.

John Earl
Tuscaloosa, AL

President Carter, looking forward to October 1, when you become the sixth President to see his 90th birthday!

Gregory Durbin
Muncie, IN

Thank you for being a moral compass for the world! Happy birthday and many more!!!!

Kathy Clark
Lakewood, OH

To my favorite U.S. President. If only they all had your ethics, morals and honesty. Best wishes on your 90 birthday!

Beth Ritchie
Madison, WI

Happy birthday, Mr. President.

Robert Brooking
Marietta, GA

Happy Birthday President Carter and many more!

Sharon Standifer

Happy Birthday fellow Libran!

Muffy Walker

Congratulations and best wishes on this milestone birthday, Mr. President! You continue to inspire as an instrument of peace for the world, and a source of pride for all Americans.

Thomas Pedriana
Prescott, AZ

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Thank you for all you've done for health, democracy and peace. The world is a much better place for your efforts.

Michael Donnenberg
Baltimore, MD

Happy Birthday, President Carter. May you have many, many more! The world needs you in it!

Keith Williams
Dallas, TX

Happy birthday, President Carter! I am so proud that our lives are tied together via my Uncle Jack Gosa in Americus and Billy Smith's family who were dear friends of my parents in Toccoa. I hope you live many more years as a great example to the world.

Cheryl Gosa
Atlanta, GA

Have a happy and healthy year!

Jeanne Dawson
King of Prussa, PA

You are, hands down, the most decent and honest man to sit in the oval office since I became aware of politics. Thank you for the example you have set. Happy Birthday!

Stephen Pherigo
Lakewood, CO

You are an inspiration to us all!

Karen Elias
Lock Haven, PA

Dear President Carter, Thank you for all you have done to promote peace and social justice in the world. Your tireless efforts are truly appreciated. Best regards,

Ray Doherty
Waitsfield, VT

I celebrate your wonderful life. Have a great day and a great year.

Nancy Thomas
Olympia, WA

Happy Birthday, Boss! It was a delight to work for you in the White House, and the entire country lauds the important work that you and Mrs. Carter do every day. Thanks for making us proud...many happy returns!

Cathy Hotka, Congressional Liaison
Washington, DC

Happy birthday, President Carter! Thank you for all your good works. To me you embody the best of the American attitude toward our own citizens and the rest of the world. I wish we'd had more presidents like you!

Virginia Downs
Lubbock, TX

Happy Birthday Mr President. What you have done for Peace and Health in this world gives me hope for mankind.

Joacim Díaz Bjork
Helsingborg, Sweden

Dear President Carter: Thank you for being a beacon of hope and peace to the world. You are an inspiration. May you have a brilliant 90th year!!

Michael Mahany
Alpharetta, GA

Dear President Carter - you and your wife Roslynn have been an inspiration to me for many decades. You both are a shining example of compassion and generosity to those less fortunate. Happy 90th birthday. The world is blessed to have you! :)

Larry Zalewski
Pittsburgh, PA

There is certainly no other world leader I have more respect and admiration for than you. Happy birthday. The world is a much better place because of your presence. Thank you for being you and best wishes for your upcoming year.

Katherine Heckman
Calhoun, GA

You are an incredible human being, a true humanitarian. Best wishes on your 90th birthday...and many more productive years ahead!

Christine Gellert
Baltimore, MD

Happy Birthday! So many accomplishments - such a strong demonstration of the Christian Spirit in action.

Steven Carter
Columbus, OH

Heartfelt congratulations on your birthday and your 90 years of productive endeavors for human kind.! -- You are my favorite American President for sure :) Innilegar hamingjuoskir med 90 ara afmaelid! (Icelandic B-day wishes.) Yours,

Geir Agnarsson
Manassas, VA

Dear President Carter, You are a hero to me and to so many others around the world. Your selfless dedication to help others and to stand up for what you truly believe for the benefit of the less fortunate is such an inspiration . Happy Birthday!

Irene Nowicki

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you continue to do to promote peace!

Heather Dubois Bourenane
Sun Prairie, WI

Dear President Carter, Your work on peaceful elections including in Sudan (where I served as an observer with the Carter Center) is important and meaningful. Thank you for your longstanding commitment to improving the world.

Jacqueline Wilson
Washington, DC

President Carter, Sending warmest wishes for a Happy Celebration of your "90th" Birthday! Many thanks for all you have given to fight for those less fortunate and most fragile. All the best for a wonderful day and many more to come!

Dana Stottlemyer
Harrisburg, PA

You are a wonderful example of a life well-lived!

Betty Ferrero
Round Rock, TX

Happy Birthday Mr President! You are my inspiration for public service! Be well.

Edward Zito
West Chester, PA

Dear President Carter, I wish you a very blessed and happy 90th birthday. Your books and your example (along with dear Rosalynn) have meant so much to me - Lots and love, prayers and best wishes to you!

Sheryl Smith
Livonia, MI

I am so proud of you. Every day, you renew my faith in people and remind me that each one of us can make a difference. Thank you! And have a wonderful Your-day

Edrie Irvine
Washington, DC

Mr. President - I met you as a first grader back in 1985 in Plains, Georgia when my family and I attended your church and had the honor of having you as a Sunday School teacher. You made a lasting impression - Happy birthday!

Amanda Janis
Washington, DC

The World needs more Men like you. Thank you.

Jaen Lawrence
Houston, TX

Happiest birthday wishes ! Well done faithful servant !

Dannie Capobianco
Roselle Park, NJ

We appreciate you work to bring peace to the Middle East....

Jon Anderholm
Cazadero, CA

Happy Birthday, President Carter! And thank you for all you've done to make the world a better place.

Valerie Gorsuch
Palos Verdes Estates, CA

You are such a blessing! May you enjoy the happiest of birthdays!! Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place for all. I hold you in the highest regard. May God Bless and Keep You.

Thomas Lehmann
Saint Petersburg, FL

كل عام وانتم بخير

Abusif Ghnyah
Beni Walid, Libya

Blessings on your 90th birthday!

Robert Valerian
Cleveland, OH

Thank you for all you have done. You have made a difference in my life.

Gary Barnett
Telford, PA

Dear President Carter, I want to wish you a happy day and a great year. Your work is making the world a better place, and in my book you were one of the best president's we ever had. You understand what it really means to be compassionate and giving. Thx.

Maria Rodriguez
Buda, TX

Happy Birthday President Jimmy--you do amazing work--I proudly voted for you both times

Nancy Smith
Miami, FL


Kate Yates
Erie, CO

Happy birthday, Mr. President! Thank you for all you do to help people worldwide.

Mary Mason
Cincinnati, OH

Best wishes for an amazing human. Thanks for what you've done for Panama and the world

Mario Diaz Brin

Happy birthday and a wish for many more! You have done more good in the world than any other president, maybe than any other person. God bless you.

Kathryn Gold
Milford, NJ

Happy Birthday, President Carter! Thank you for your inspiring and continuous leadership, and for the example of your life. May this coming year be filled with blessings.

Mary Perrin
Kalamazoo, MI

Best wishes on reaching such a great age and may you have many more years of health and happiness. Slainte from Ireland

John Waters
Naas Kildare, Ireland

All best wishes for your continued health and happiness. The world needs more Jimmy Carters.

Jack Schwebel
Pound Ridge, NY

Thanks for your good work and please speak out for peace in the world as opposed to warring options. Happy Birthday with warmest wishes!

Rosemarie Sawdon
Blacksburg, VA

Happy 90th Birthday, to our favorite President.

Karen & Michael Chadwick
Solon, OH

Happy Birthday

Michael Maggied
Mesa, AZ

Happy 90th! You're truly an amazing person and humantarian. Thank you for all you have done to make the world a better place.

Michael Ware
Ellicott City, MD

Hope your day is as special as you are!

Rhonda Rogers
Salem, VA

Thank you for your productive and effective service to humanity.

Robert Young
Bountiful, UT

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Mark Pirkl
Golden Valley, MN

To the best living U.S. President ever! I have only volunteered for one presidential campaign in my life, and it was yours in the Bicentennial Year of 1976 as my senior civics class project in your Concord, California, office!

Brian Daniel Harvey, M.Phil. (Oxon)
Emeryville, CA

You are truly a great American.

John Eary
Ringgold, GA

Happy Birthday, President Carter!!! You are without a doubt a wonderful example for all of us----including current and other ex-presidents!!! Hope you have a great year!!

Anne Pinkerton
Phoenixville, PA

Mr. President, You are an inspiration - a true American hero! Wishing you a happy birthday, and here's to many more!

Charles Bordeau
Bloomingdale, NJ

Many more healthy and happy Birthdays..with many thanks for all you ever did and still do for those who do not have a voice!

Rosemary Graham-Gardner
Manhattan Beach, CA

Happy Birthday, Mr. President! You inspire me daily! Peace!

Bill MacKinson
Peabody, MA

Thank you President Carter for all you have done to make this world a better place and more importantly all those things for which you tried to accomplished as well.

Donald Kinchen
Tucker, GA

Thank you so much for everything that you do! The world is a better place for your influence. Happy Birthday!

Julie Cord
Florence, SC

Wish we had more men of your caliber in the Oval Office. Happy Birthday!!

Edward Baez
Bronx, NY

With love and gratitude for all you and Mrs. Carter have done to make the world a better place.

Gladys Lane
Gainesville, FL

Happy 90th Birthday Mr. President. Your influence caused me to study International Affairs at UT-Austin and have continued to be a cultural ambassador for International Visitors to Dallas County Texas. Doing my part as a Democrat & citizen.

Patricia Ledbetter
Desoto, TX

President Carter, Chris and I wish you all the best on your 90th birthday! We will celebrate it with you in Americus on the 17th with Nell. May His grace rest upon your spirit in your celebration!

Jim Starr
Sugar Hill, GA

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. Have a cool birthday... From one of your Peacemakers, Much Love to you and your family,

Tom Gould
Huntingtn Station, NY

what an inspiration you are! a voice in the wilderness! keep speaking out about what is right! and enjoy your birthday!

Amy Tajdari
Jacksonville, FL

Happy Birthday Mr President! What an amazing and inspiring human being you are. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to make this planet and the human race a more peaceful place and a more compassionate race.

Jurgen Portz
Ottawa, ON, Canada

Wishing you a wonderful happy celebration on your special day, Sir!

Lily Knol
Alexandria, VA

Happy birthday! May this begin your best year ever! (You are such an inspiration.)

Carol Strickland
Efland, NC

President Carter, You are an inspiration to humanity! Happy 90th Birthday! You rock! Peace and Joy!

Elizabeth Beckworth
Lafayette, LA

You are an inspiration and blessing to me and to so much of the world. Have a wonderful 90th celebration and coming year!

Mary Haubold
Topeka, KS

Happy Birthday! And thank you for continuing to inspire people worldwide. Your life has demostrated what it means to be a true leader for peace and justice. I continue to be inspired by your commitment and compassion - enjoy your day!

Andrew Hallowell

Happy Birthday President Carter! You remain an inspiration to all who value engagement over apathy and truth over ideology. Thank you for your continuing service in and out of the spotlight.

Greg Brown

My Best Wishes to you for a HAPPY and Memorable 90th Birthday

Mario Rabinowitz
Emerald Hills, CA

Have a happy birthday! Thank you for all you've done for our country and our world!

Robert Donovan
Cincinnati, OH

Happy Birthday, President Carter! Thank you for all you do for us and the world!

Joan Fuglewicz
Garfield Heights, OH

Many blessings for your new year!!!

Dave and Marjorie Palmer
Madison, AL

Janice Rogers
Port Arthur, TX

Happy birthday Jimmy and looking forward to many more

Janet Samaha
White Plains, NY

Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Paul Strom
Dallas, TX


Sara Sterling
Tampa, FL

Happy Birthday, President Carter! All the best to you this coming year.

Suzanne Wilson
Decatur, GA

A very happy birthday President Carter! I shook your hand when you were running for President, and i shall never forget it! My husband, Bill Harris (deceased), was your 'contact' in Nebraska! I hope you have a glorious birthday!

MarySue Harris
Lincoln, NE

Your wisdom in granting non violent VN War draft resisters a pardon changed my life and the lives of many others. A felony conviction mediated by your Presidential Pardon made it possible for me to become a psychologist and serve those most in need.

Daniel Fallon
Prescott, AZ

President Carter - Happy 90th - thanks so much for your continued inspiration to me and many others!! Wishing you health & happiness for years to come! Love,

Peggy Carson
Americus, GA

Mr. President, Thank you for everything!! Happy 90th birthday sir! Hope all is well. Stay blessed and be well.

Cynthia Allen
Hollywood, FL

Mr. Président, Nothing equals the love of people for a former président from his people. What to say when this love goes beyond US borders. Happy birthday.

Nejmeddine Aloui
Tunis, Tunisia

Excellence Mr le Président Jimmy Carter, Je suis très heureux d'apprendre qu'au premier jour du mois d'octobre vous allez accomplir 90 ème anniversaire de votre naissance sur la terre des hommes. Nous rendons infiniment gloire au Grand Architecte

Rockman Bentumo
Lawrenceville, GA

Happy 90th Jimmy. You have set a very high bar for all future ex-Presidents. Thank you!

William Decker
Saranac Lake, NY

President Carter, You are an inspirational figure in my life. Thank you for all your guidance and motivation.

Larry Creekmur
Rochelle, IL

Happy Birthday. And thanks for being so strong and standing up to Zionist pressure and intimidation. Wjm

William Martin
Metairie, LA

Happy Birthday President Carter, Thank you for bringing Kongo Across the Waters to Atlanta! Carol Thompson Fred and Rita Richman Curator of African Art High Museum of Art

Carol Thompson
Atlanta, GA

President Carter, You're such an inspiration to me and I've blogged about you many times. You're my favorite President of all time. I hope in life that I can accomplish just a fraction of what you're done in your lifetime. Happy Birthday!

Anthony Peoples
Moline, IL

Dear President Carter! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays and many more!

Carol Rowehl
Philadelphia, PA

Dear president, I wish you a very happy birthday! You are the best president that ever came to the United States and you hold a very special value in my life: You were elected president when I was born. I wish you the best you and your wonderful wife.

Bassem Tannir
Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday, President Carter. I worked for your administration during the summer of 1980, as an Honors intern with the Offfice for Improvements in the Administration of Justice. I still consider it some of the most important work I have ever done.

Larry Cohen
Needham, MA

God bless you Jimmy !! Have a wonderful birthday !!

Henry Faust

Happy Birthday Mr. President - keep up the good work.

Chandra Gibbs
Chelsea, QC, Canada

You are one of our country's (and the world's) treasures! Happy Birthday!

Kathryn Flueck
Golden, CO

Bless you for all you have done! PS Reading your book now!

Gloria Hogue
Boise, ID

Happy Birthday, President Carter! You are one of the true heroes. I traveled to Plains several years ago to meet you and hear you teach Sunday school. Thank you for the incredible work you have done and continue to do and for the example you set!

Mary O'Kelly
Atlanta, GA

To be 90 & so productive contributing & helping others.....what better Happy Birthday wish could be better.....with time for "R&R" & fishing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Philip & Geri Fontana
Montville, NJ

Happy Birthday and thanks for all you continue to do. You're a true inspiration!

Heidi Wacker
Socorro, NM

Happy Birthday President Carter. God bless you for the work you are doing. May you have many more years of happiness with your family.

Jan Bratcher
McMinnville, TN

Dear President Carter, My congratulations to you on your 90th birthday! I have always admired you as you always demonstrated your humanity in your decisions as president as well as after your presidency! Happy Birthday!

Ilse Hadda
Berkeley, CA

I wish you happy birthday. may God give you more year ahead God bless you

Frida Rukia

You are a living and loving example of a life well lived, Mr President. Keep on truckin'.

James Engelking
Golden, CO

President Carter -- The splendid example which you have set as President and as an arbitrator of world affairs has been an inspiration and a great benefit to all of us. Thank you, MR Carter, for being who you are. Ben R. Carroll

Ben Carroll
Fort Worth, TX

Dear President Carter, Thank you for giving the world a shining example of what truly principled leadership is. We need to follow your example in diplomacy more than ever today. May God be with you. In peace,

Melinda Holmes

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Steven Allen
Clarkson, NE

Happy Birthday President Carter, may you have many more birthdays and everlasting peace and happiness.

Deloris McClam-Cross
Atlanta, GA

I wish you a happy day on your 90th Birthday

Annetta Flanigan
Richhill, County Armagh, United Kingdom

Congratulations on a life well lived. May there be many more good years to come!

Marilyn Grotzky
Boulder, CO

Happy Birthday, President Carter! Your efforts through the Carter Foundation are an inspiration to us all. Keep it up!

Joyce O'Brien
Kent, WA

Thankyou for a life well lived -- pleasing to the Lord.

David Gunzel
Ruidoso, NM

I wish you a happy 90th birthday. You deserve happiness for all you've given to the world!

Cynthia Thompson
Lebanon, NH


Larry Watson
Douglasville, GA

Words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! My wish for you on your birthday is you are and will always be happy and healthy! Happy Birthday President Carter!

The Rikhilal Family
Garland, TX

May your ninetieth be the very best.

Jim Tanner
Jasper, GA

Best Birthday wishes ever President Carter. My family loves you and Mrs. Carter. You two are great! Thank you for being part of our lives daily. I send you both big hugs and a smiley face :-).

Rita Sol
Clawson, MI

Happy Birthday President Carter! You are an inspiration to many!

James Duguid
Huntington, IN

Happy Birthday, Jimmy!!! I hope that it is a great day.

Dorothy Holtzman
Lakewood, NJ

Happy Birthday sir, you are a credit to America

Lucca Criminale
Leavenworth, WA

Mr. President, I started as a mental health counselor in the days of staffing grants that you supported. The entire mental health community owes you and Mrs. Carter a great debt Your tireless work to benefit others has served as an inspiration to us all

Allan Kennedy
Roswell, GA

Happy birthday, President Carter! I remember fondly the Thanksgiving gathering which I attended (as a Carter Center Volunteer) and you insisting that I get ahead of you because I was a volunteer. You inspire all of us to be better.

Barbara Prevost Overton

Wishing you a most happy birthday, Mr. President! You continue to inspire me.

Elizabeth Jayne
Columbia, MD

Dear Jimmy, You are an inspiration and a great American hero. We wish you good health and much happiness on your 90th birthday, and for many more years. Best Wishes,

Jeff & Chely Wilkinson
Otis, MA

Happy birthday ex president jimmy carter, happy prosperous life. I am from nepal, now I am living in new york, your golden help in our country nepal at the time of constituional assembly was incredible.

Sushil Kunwar
Sunnyside, NY

You are still the best, most committed , most humane president!

Nancy Brooks Jones
Chapel Hill, NC

You are an inspiration. Have a very happy birthday.

Lucy Haskins
Boston, MA

Keep on trucking! Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Susan Kagan
New York, NY

Have a Great Day! Saw you once in Dayton Ohio at a meeting for Habitat for Humanity. Enjoyed your speech. You are one of my favorite Presidents.

Beverly Pressnall
Centerville, OH

Happy Birthday to one of America's greatest heroes. I am so grateful for your service to our coutry, but even more, to Humankind!

Jean Are
Stone Mountain, GA

Happy Birthday. Thank you for all you continue to do.

Donald Dahn
Columbus, IN

Thank you for your example President Carter, Happy Birthday

Bobby Buccellato
Tallahassee, FL

Jimmy, I am proud to be able to support your efforts at peacekeeping, justice and world health -- the lasting legacy of your post-Presidential years. Thank you for what you are doing! And Happy Birthday as you end your ninth decade!

Gregg Morton
Downers Grove, IL

Happy Birthday Mr. President and many more,

Jane Barron
Decatur, GA

Presidente Carter its a honor for me write in your wall have a great happy birthday, you transform the way to see the Democracy in Latin America, keep working in the people who lives in political systems that don't believe in freedom and peace.

Gustavo Soto

Happy Birthday, President Carter. God Bless You for all the wonderful work you have done in your life. May you have many more brithdays. Wishing you good health and much happiness.

Jane, Jere and Will Martin
Atlanta, GA

Dear President Carter: your life has been such a blessing and an inspiration for all of us who believe in the same principles that you believe. Happy 90th Anniversary. Your always friend from Costa Rica,

Juan Edgar Picado
San Jose, Costa Rica

Wishing you all the best!

Dan Mack
Minneapolis, MN

Happy Birthday President Carter! Many wishes for your continued good health for years to come - the world needs you! Blessings to you and your family on this happy day.

Pat Ryan
Columbus, OH

Happy Birthday !

Patricia Holland
Henderson, NC

Happy Birthday, President Carter. Years ago, when you were President, I made the statement in our SS Class, that you would go down as having served as one of the Best, I continue to feel the same. I am 91 yrs looking forward to 92. God Bless and Keep U.

Emma Graham
Louisville, KY

Congratulations President Carter! My husband and I started following your career before you were elected President. We enthusiastically shared our admiration, and I still do for both you and Rosalynn, an amazing woman!

Barbara Herrgesell
Sanford, ME

Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the good work you have done to improve the lives of Americans and others around the world. You continue to be an inspiration to me and many others I know.

Richard Munson
Oxford, OH

Dear Mr. President, There is much to be thankful for in your life examplified by service to others. As you celebrate your life, please remember that you have helped uplift so many people. May that knowledge empower you to do more.

Dr. Anupam Goyal
Santa Clara, CA

On behal of all the Malian community, I would like to with you, dear Presiden Carter, Happy Birthday. May God bless you and all your family, give you an opportunity to live longer, and in good health.

Kalifa Gadiaga
Columbus, OH

Happy birthday my president.

Sherin Mohamed
Brooklyn, NY

Have a fantastic birthday, Mr. President. You always have been and always will be one of my favorite Presidents and one of my favorite people. Happy Birthday!

Jan Thompson
Columbia, MO

Dear President Carter, God Bless You and the great work that you do. I have been in your presence twice at your Sunday School in Plains and thoroughly admire your stewardship of God's gifts. Happy 90th Birthday !!

Ken Jaye
Lawrenceville, GA

Happy birthday President Carter you are loved by all of us.

Terrance Newton
Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you for your untiring efforts to make this world a better place. You represent what is best in our country. God bless you on your birthday and always.

Philip Crawford
Springfield, IL

President Carter, You are an amazing inspiration to me. You remind me of my Dad in your compassion for others, and fight for social justice. Dad passed 2 years ago, but when I hear you speak I almost hear his voice. Happy 90th Birthday, and God Bless

Jeni Stephens
Roswell, GA

Happy Birthday! Thank you very much for your work. :-)

Peter Baumbach

Dear President Carter, All the best to you on this wonderful day. The world is better off because of you and your work. Thank you for everything

Judith Bachand
Lisbon, CT

Wish you very Happiest Birth Mr. Jimmy and I do appreciate the work of your foundation in combating river blindness and guinea warm in Africa and in particular South Sudan.

Abraham Majur Laam
Juba, South Sudan

You have been and continue to be a great inspiration to me. Thanks for all the good you do in the world.

Randy Wallace
Omaha, NE

Happy birthday from a fellow Georgian. You and Mrs. Carter have long been my and my husband's heroes. May you have many, many, more.

Marian Owens
Townsend, GA

Dear President Carter, A very Happy Birthday to a man and president who was before his time, a man of peace. It's long overdue, but I thank you for not jumping into war with Iran during the hostage crisis. Happy personal New Year!!

Terri Brazil
Boston, MA

Continued blessings on your birthday! Thank God for a man like you...

Victoria Smalls

happy birthday! thanks for ALL you do and the wonderful inspiration and example you provide us all.

Nancy Kemp
Boulder, CO

Happy Birthday !

Alva Williams
Joshua Tree, CA

Happy happy happy birthday President Carter. You are a blessing to the entire world by your caring and loving us. Thank you. I hope you will have 200 more birthdays. God bless you

Theresa Emery
Jacksonville, FL

Happy Birthday, President Carter! Much happiness on this special day. Thank you for everything you do.

Michael Sneath
Mobile, AL

Happy Birthday, President Carter! Thank you for your deep love and steady care. You have and are truly making the world a better place! Wishing you a joyous, peace-filled year.

Kathy Eckles
Gloucester, MA

Your service to the nation and the world is an inspiration to those seeking a better nation and world.

Ben Kroup
Waterford, NY

I thank God for giving you 90 years of life; a life well-spent. Your moral bearing, your courage, your unique voice, your heart are gifts to us all. Happy Birthday President Carter.

Gerald Steele
Cameron, MO

Happy Birthday to a true humanitarian. Thank you for the good work you. You make the world a better place.

Kathy Gritton
Chagrin Falls, OH

President Carter a wonderful humanitarian ! Happy birthday !

Susan Baumgardner
Knoxville, TN

Dear President Carter Wishing you a Very Very Happy Birthday! May you continue to guide all of humanity in making our global village a better place.

Sumi Jayaraman
Atlanta, GA

You were and is the best! Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Mary Windham

Happy birthday, President Carter. Thank you for your service to our country as president, and your service to people around the world which continues to today!

James Jachimiak
Franklin, IN

You are an inspiration to so many people. THANKS for all you do!

Pamela Veazey

Happy Birthday, President Carter! I was proud to cast my very first ballot for you in 1976 and amazed at what you and Rosalynn have accomplished. I even have a blown up image of one of your White House Christmas card framed over my mantle that I love.

Anne Breitenbach
Washington, DC

I like to think that I understand what you are doing. You and Rosalyn are telling us that a nation can be a good Samaritan just like a person. I deeply admire you for that.

S. B. Woo
Newark, DE

Many more healthy years

Erika Stone
New York, NY

Dear President Carter, Words cannot express my gratitude for your ever creative endurance in the works of peace and justice. I celebrate you at this birthday and every day.

Anne Benvenuti
Kernville, CA

Happy Birthday! Keep going!

Glenn Freund
Wilkinsburg, PA

Happy Birthday Mr. President! You continue to be a champion for peace and a shining example to us all. The world is a better place because of you. May God's blessings continue to shower you on your special day and always.

Nailah & Nataki Embden
Union City, GA

Happy Birthday President Carter! Wishing you and The Carter Center all the best in the upcoming year!

Yang Fu
Boston, MA


Richard Petrucci
Ellington, CT

Mr. President....thank you what you have done and are continuing to do for all people of the US and the world. We thank God you and what you continue to stand for...Happy Birthday. LOL

Mary & Harry Gottwals
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Happy Birthday to a Great Man. Your values, your dedication to humanity inspire all of us. Thank you and HAPPY 90th.

Don Thomas
Salt Lake City, UT

Happy Birthday President

El Hadji Diabel Fall
Dakar, Senegal

Dear Mr. President, Congratulations on celebrating your 90th. Birthday! You and Mrs. Carter are an inspiration to us all. You have certainly inspired me. God bless you on your Birthday. You make me proud to be an American! Sincerely,

Joseph Vanco
Winfield, IL

Happy 90th Birthday! I hope we continue to be blessed to have you for many more years to come!

Karen Schaefer
Las Cruces, NM

Thank you for all that you have done to make the world better happy birthday and keep up the good work

Tom Silnes

You are my favorite living President! Thank you for being such an inspirational Christian leader!

Kathleen Williams
Jamestown, RI

Happy Birthday President Carter - thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for humankind - you are cherished by all the world over.

Maureen McNamara
Marietta, GA

May God bless you on finalizing your ninety years of good works and kind thoughts of others, bringing you into your 91st year where you will enjoy health, joy, peace, and love. All will be a culmination of your (and your wife's) good and beautiful works.

Joanne El-Fayoumy
Osterville, MA

Congratulations! Have a wonderful day !

William Kienzle
Greensburg, PA

Happy birthday Mr. President, you continue to be an example to all of us. Statesmen like yourself are in very short supply in this country. May you live a healthy, happy and long life is my sincere wish.

Jaime Carrero
Lewisville, TX

To The Honorable President Jimmy Carter, You are aging graceful well, you look half your age. Happy 90th Birthday!!!! We love you,

Valerie Henderson
Conyers, GA

Happy Birthday, President Carter! You are an inspiration for us all.

Andrea Doneff
Decatur, GA

A true role model, thank you for all of your hard work and goodwill throughout the world! Wishing you many blessings for your 90th year :)

Susan Hellenga
Plainwell, MI

Dear President Carter, You were the third president I remember in my life, in office right when I was in high school and starting to understand environmental issues. You lead us in turning down the thermostat, and investing in solar panels. Thankyou!

Barbara Bruell
Sammamish, WA

Thank you, Mr. President for all you've given. Wishing you a healthy and happy birthday.

The Lubka Family
Hendersonville, TN

The world wouldn't be such a wonderful place it is now were it not for your devoted commitment to enhance peace without borders.You remain a role model to the young generation of this world and i will always emulate you. Happy birth day

Hanningtone Muchera
Nairobi, Kenya

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

Mark Battiste
Gainesville, FL

Happy birth day carter

Nour Ahmed

Happy birthday to a man of peace, justice, and compassion - a positive role-model for all generations. Thank you for all that you do. Peace,

Fran Schmidt
Stuart, FL

I am honored to wish you a happy birthday Mr. President. Thank you so much for all you do to make this country and the world a better place. I wish you many many more years.

Mary Shellman
Decatur, GA

Your Excellency Jimmy Carter, Happy Birthday Philanthropist No. 1. May you celebrate many more birthdays and may your dream that you started through the Carter center outlive generations and continue to alleviate disease, poverty and enhance.

Cyrus Kihoro
Nairobi, Kenya

Happy Birthday Mr. President. what a remakable life of love and giving.. The world is a better place because of all that you have done!

David Conant
Denver, CO

Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work

Debra Spinelli
Los Angeles, CA

Happy Birthday, dear President Carter! You inspire others through your humanism and spirit and help others through your humanitarian efforts in places where others do not venture to go. Wish you many more years of happy and fulfilling life!

Svetlana Kulikova
Snellville, GA

Many, many thanks for your wise leadership and caring efforts across the globe. Along with Rosalynn you have represented American values to the powerful and forgotten at home and abroad. Wishing you a wonderful day!

Carol Borys
Lees Summit, MO

Dear President Carter -- You are an inspiration. Your work to help continue the peace effort is phenomenal, almost mythic . . . and on the subject of ending violence against women you are a hero. Wishing you the happiest birthday.

Meredith Hogan Pond
Takoma Park, MD

May the Almighty God continues to give you strengthen as you Continue to help the helpless. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND WISH YOU AND YOUR FAMILY LONG LIFE.

Reu Gbe
Monrovia, Liberia

With many thanks for all you have been for the world, and prayers for the new year beginning, Happy Birthday, dear Mr. President!

Carol Burk
New Orleans, LA

Thank you for all the hard work you did and still do to help others! Happy Birthday!

Monika Sloan
Richmond, VT

Happy Birthday to the BEST President ever. You should be #1 World Leader in the top 10...

Dale Peterson
Duarte, CA

President Carter thank you for being an outstanding example! You bring Joy and inspiration to me whenever I hear your name and adventures. Thank YOU

Peggy Cullinane
Culver City, CA

Your life has been an inspiration to me, President Carter. Happy Birthday!

William Rice
Salt Lake City, UT

Thank you, sir, for being a servant leader, for your devotion to peaceful conflict resolution, for your effective support of work to improve the health and lives of our brothers and sisters. Live long and prosper!

Linda Beischel
Helena, MT

Thanks for all you do.

Judi Poulson
Fairmont, MN

Happy Birthday President Carter!! Thank you for representing my point of view since the time you were elected president. We need more like you these days!!

Kara Haggard

From Saint Paul Minnesota via Rhinelander, Wisconsin and the land your family campaigned through in 1976 God bless a truly inspirational public servant and leader.

Mark Miazga
Saint Paul, MN

Blessings to you on your birthday. Thank you for your life of service and caring as you demonstrate God's love in action.

Jean Beck
Lynnwood, WA

Happy birthday to a man I sincerely admire. Thank you for making this world a better place through your tireless work for people in so many countries. And thank you, too, for all the good books you have written! I love your poetry. Peace be with you.

Paula Morrow
Princeton, IL

Dear Jimmy! You were the best President EVER. Please stay healthy, hug Rosalynn & more be happy on your bday! (Many More!)

Alden Whiteman
El Reno, OK

Happy Birthday! We share the same special day.

Doyle Fleming

Happy 90th to an American inspiration! All best wishes for a great year to come.

Gina Falcone Skelton
Baltimore, MD

Thanks for your inspiration.

Marguerite Gonzales
Santa Fe, NM

Happy birthday to our country's greatest prophet. If only we had listened to you when you were president, the world would be a far different place than it is today. Hopefully, your best birthday present will be a winning election for Jason!

Sara Lorusso
Athens, GA

Your humanitarian work is an inspiration- so much so that my son is named after you- Carter Thomas (Thomas from my father). I can only dream that one day he will grow up to be even a fraction of the great humanitarian that you are.

Jennifer Layden
Manassas, VA

Thank you for continuing to support the fundamental rights of all the world's citizens.

Carol Koenig
Exmore, VA


Margaret Lesuuda
Nanyuki, Kenya

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all that you have done for your country and the world.

Dennis Lenhart
Winter Park, FL

Happy Birthday to one of the BEST US Presidents ever! May God continue to bless you. Respectfully,

Susan Porter
Pasadena, CA

Happy Birthday Mr. President! More than any president within my life time you have shown America the path to compassion.

Mary Hecker
Flat Rock, NC

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. May you carry on for many more years!

Robert Wallace
Hudson, NY

I supported your campaign in 1976 while a grad student at Emory University and we continue to support the Carter Center. You are an excellent role model. Happy Birthday.

Philip Compton
Ada, OH

You were the only president in the last 50 years who had any moral fiber. Happy birthday and many more good years to you, sir!

Geraldine May
Creston, CA

I wish you a very happy birthday. You are example to all by demonstrating a life well lived. I hope you are able to continue with you good work.

Wayne Flindall
Atlanta, GA

Thank you for all the good work you have done and continue to do on behalf of humanity!

Willa O'Connor
Kensington, CA

President Carter: Thanks for being a good role model, an all-too-rare thing. Your recent book "A Call to Action" has taken its place among my extremely selective collection, and made nice gifts to two family members as well.

Sherrie Pasarell
Bronx, NY

Happy Bday Jimmy!

Michael Norden
Defiance, OH

You do admirable work through your center. I am so proud of your statements re women. May you have many, many more Happy Birthdays!

Bev Hannon
Marion, IA

Amy Lezberg
Lake Worth, FL

Happy Birthday President Carter. Many more!

Merry O'Donnell
Juno Beach, FL

Happy Birthday Jimmy! You're making a difference!

Frank Rothermel
Knoxville, TN

Thank you for striving to make the world a better place even as you are attacked by your critics. You are a role model for me on how to live out The Gospel and be the hands and feet of Jesus. God bless you. Happy Birthday!

David Lee
Cary, NC

Dear Mr. President, Thank you for all you do to alleviate suffering in the world. Very best wishes for a Happy Birthday

Lyn O'Doran
Rollingbay, WA

Mr. President. A delightful birthday to you, and remember the Wyoming birding adventure begins with a stay at our place next spring. Bird n Breakfast in Riverton. Your boundless energy and love of people is a light for us.

Bob Hargis
Riverton, WY

Thank you for your unfailing service to our country. You were the first president I voted for in 1976 (& 1980!) and felt I was changing history; I was, and you are. God bless you on your day!

Christopher Gorsuch
Tallahassee, FL

Dear Mr. Carter, All the best! You are truly an angel in this world, and I love and support your ceaseless efforts with The Carter Center... Bravo!

Monica Restivo, RN
Menlo Park, CA

Thank you for all you do to promote peace and justice. Have a wonderful Birthday!

Deborah Trevithick
Millbrae, CA

There is no better role model than you sir, thank you once again for helping to educate and inspire me to launch Jewish Voice for Peace, Los Angeles. There is also nobody I would rather share my birthday with! Happy Birthday, and many more!

Estee Chandler
Toluca Lake, CA

Happy 90th !!!

Jane Krupicka
Island Lake, IL

You continue to be an inspiration to me and a reminder that we can make the world a better place. Thank you for all you do.

Dean Sigler
Aloha, OR

Happy Birthday! May God continue to watch and direct you. Enjoy your special day!

Elroy Johnson
Chase City, VA

Dear Jimmy, Happy Birthday! Hope everything go well! Thanks so much for let me in as intern in TCC where I was inspired to do more and think more of my life!

Juntao He

Dear President Carter, Happy birthday. You inspire me! I am getting an LL.M in human rights law to teach it. I've visited your Sunday School class. My daughter interned with the Carter Center. Thank you for your commitment to human dignity!

Carol Castleberry
Tampa, FL

Thanks for your compassion towards all humanity.

Lenora Lawrence
Tillamook, OR

Happy Birthday! You are one of my heroes! Thank you for always standing up for what is right and peaceful, even when it is not popular. Thank you for all you have done to heal the world with words and deeds. My father shares your birth date!

Susan Savion
Syracuse, NY

Wishing you a most wonderful birthday, President Carter! I hope you and your amazingly wonderful wife and family will have an enjoyable celebration! Kindest regards,

Jennifer Bornemann (proud daughter of Thom and Cynthia Bornemann
Annapolis, MD

You are amazing! Thank you for all the wonderful work you've accomplished and HBD from a loyal supporter.

Nancy Wall
Tucson, AZ

Happy 90th Birthday, President Carter! You've lived a wonderful life!

M. J. Lauzon

Happy Birthday to the greatest President of my lifetime!

David Sapp
Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday President Carter! : )

Sheila Swierczewski
Severn, MD

Best wishes and thank you for all you do, President Carter. Happy Birthday!

John Watkins, Elfenworks
San Francisco, CA

Dear President Carter, Thank you for your service. Wish you a happy birthday!

Eileen Huang

Mr President, the world owes you thanks for far more than you are given credit. Here's to many more years of your clear and valuable contribution. And, yes I'm a big supporter of young and dynamic Jason.'

Paula Hill
Atlanta, GA

To the President who, above all others, has maintained a moral and work ethic that has benefitted millions especially in my Africa, may you have a birthday that celebrates all you have aspired for and achieved.

Clifford Bestall
Cape Town, South Africa


Micheal Allison
Villa Rica, GA

You are one of God's treasured gifts to mankind. I hope you will be celebrating many more happy birthdays and continue to make your valuable contribution to the welfare and upliftment of the less fortunate. Enjoy your day.

Vish Prashad
Toronto, ON, Canada

Happy Birthday Mr. President, the world is a better place because of you. Keep up the great work! Jamie

James Giannone
Marlton, NJ

if anyone would have paid attention to you we probably would have less global warming and war. have a great birthday sir…

Margaret Wilson
Rockford, IL

Happy Birthday Mr. President.....Hope you enjoy your day and have many more.

Kenneth Taylor
Falls Church, VA

Happy Birthday to the finest man ever to grace the Oval Office!

Teresa Ralabate
Stratford, CT

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all your tired less work to may the world a better place!

David Price
Atlanta, GA

Happy birthday, President Carter! Thank you for everything you've done for the city, state, country, and world!

Christopher Collier
Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday.

Terry Hyland
Villa Park, IL

Happy birthday to my favorite president of all time! May you have many more happy days ahead!

Carol Wills
Durham, NC

Best wishes for a Happy Birthday, Mr. President! A thankful nation celebrates your multitude of contributions to the world.

Thomas Cruz
Milpitas, CA

God bless you for your inspirational life and work!

Carolyn Yoder

Ninety years of aiding the poor, the sick, the helpless, who have little voice and fewer champions is an incredible statement about your life and your heart. Thank you so much for all that you have done and all you will do in the next 90 years!

Bob & Diane Jorgensen
East Peoria, IL

President Carter, You're an inspiration to us all! Happy Birthday!!!

Jill Stevenson
Chepachet, RI

I am only seventy-four. You are the Best President of my life time. And such a Good Person Too! Happy Ninety!!! And many Happy Returns of the Day!!!

Robert Schultz
Keene, NH

I appreciate your work. You have used your life for the good of many. May you live long and longer.

Carol Leighton
Kansas City, MO

Judy Davy
Oak Park, IL

Happy Birthday to a man of peace and vision. Thank you for being BRAVE enough to speak the truth about Israel and Palestine--note that I am Jewish--and about the attitudes toward women in the Church.

Fran Koski
Port Angeles, WA

Happy Birthday President Carter and thank you for all the world-changing work you have done over the years.

Craig Zimmerman
Bremerton, WA

Happy Birthday Jimmy and many more!

Jon Santanni
Chicago, IL

Happy birthday President Carter! Cheers to a true American Hero! Thank you so much for Rosalynn's and your lifelong dedication to those in need, whether they are here or abroad. Your love and generosity can't be matched.

Rafael Marshall
Arlington, VA

Thank you for helping join people around the world, instead of dividing us. Thank you for spreading hope and a ray of sunlight to all in need. May your birthday be full of joy, and may you be able to continue with your work, for years to come.

Priscilla Mette Heise

Happy Birthday, President Carter. You are an inspiration to all of us.

Angeline Heisler
Chicago, IL

Happy Birthday and thank you for all you do to make the world a better place.

Mikki Chalker
Binghamton, NY

Dear President Carter, Thank you for everything you and Rosalynn have done over the years. Have a happy 90th birthday!

Barry Nall
Comfort, TX

President Carter, Wishing you a very happy and healthy 90th birthday! The world we live in is a better place for having you in it and my respect and admiration for you holds no bounds. Here is to the next decade!

Gina Eborn
Midvale, UT

Happy Birthday, James! I have always found your sensibilities and compassion for humanity to be astounding, beautiful and bold. I hope you continue to have great physical and mental health for as many years that God and you both want to have.

Andrew Hart
Bellerose, NY

Thank you for your service to our country, your compassion for all men and women throughout the world, and your selfless service to our globe. I wish you and Mrs. Carter many more happy birthdays together and blessings for all your days.

Dawn Reshen-Doty
Danbury, CT

Happy 90th President Carter, and thank you for your great humanatarian work.

Mitchell Black
Rockport, TX

Happy Birthday for a longtime admirer! Keep up the good work but take time to smell the roses.

Linda Geiss
Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday, Mr. President!!!!!!!! I have a great deal of respect for what you have focused on during and since your time in office. Thank you for all that you do and for making many people's lives better. Your smile and dedication brings hope to all.

Dorothy Ring
Gladstone, MO

You are held up in prayer so very often - that's prayer of thanksgiving for you and all you have done! You and Roslyn are so highly inspiring to all of us! May you continue to know the joy and peace of your magnificent, spiritual humanity!

Ida Miller
Rochester, NY

Happy 90th Birthday, President Carter! Thank you for a full lifetime of commitment to helping others!

Kristen Lindelow
Huntsville, AL

Dear President Carter, What a wonderful milestone for you...your 90th! Thank you for all the effort and energy you continue to put into bettering our world on so many levels. Here's wishing you a very Happy and joyful Birthday!

Susanna Stoltzfus
Decatur, GA

Dear President Carter, Happy 90th Birthday!! God bless you and everyone around you! Thank you for being a model to the upcoming generation and all the wonderful work you are fighting for!

Elizabeth Chu
Decatur, GA

What a gift to this world you are! May God shower you with blessings and give you many, many more years to celebrate and serve!

Michelle Anderson
Ramsey, MN

"Happy Birthday", to one of the finest men this Country will ever see in our lifetime, and to his wife who has been at his side all these years. We'll never get another one like them.

Richard Wade
Land O. Lakes, FL

Happy Birthday to a man who has become my role model. Bless you and all the work you have begun. May god also bless you in your moments of rest and reflection.

Mary Brannin
Missoula, MT

Happy Birthday, Brother! We treasure your friendship, and efforts in behalf of people who need it -- ever since (can you believe) Charlotte in 1987 and Americus in 88-89. A delight to know you all as "real people"! Love from us both.

Aaron Martin
Browns Summit, NC

I had the honor and privilege of working with you and Bill Foege and I remember your 60th birthday clearly. The programs you have put in place would never happened without your tireless efforts to improve lives around the world. Thanks for your service.

Louise Cook
Decatur, GA

President Carter: As a college student, I have loved the opportunity to volunteer for The Carter Center and see your vision for the world. Its inspiring to see your focus and passion for solving global issues that are often unaddressed. Happy birthday!

Dillon Roseen
Peachtree City, GA

Dear President Carter, You are my hero!!! God bless you. Sincerely,

Elizabeth Thomas
Lincoln Park, NJ

Happy Birthday to an inspiration. I worked in your center as an intern long ago and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Kirsten Desai
Hixson, TN

MAZAL TOV! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mr. President! Hope you reach the next goal of 100! See you and Mrs. Carter in Dallas, Sir.

Mary Nigro
Columbus, NJ

Dear PC (as we used to call you), MANY THANKS for being the source of inspiration and hope in my job in Latin America, I learned a lot from you and you will always be in my heart guiding me!

Francisco Diez
Salta, Argentina

Happy Birthday, President Carter! Many happy returns and may you have many more! You and Rosalynn are an inspiration to us all and we admire the work that you and the Carter Center do to make this world a better place. God bless you and your family.

Robert Irish
Yamhill, OR

Thanks for your great works!! I hope you have a wonderful day!

Frank McGough
Weddington, NC

Congratulations on a long and fruitful life. The world has profited greatly from your ninety years of service.

Dennis Clower
Elkton, MD

Happy Birthday! Thank you for all you do for the poor and less fortunate!!

Donna Sweitzer
Harrisburg, PA

Thank you President Carter for making a difference. You have been a voice for those in need. You never cease to amaze me with all you do for the underprivileged. May God bless you. Happy Birthday to you!

Brenda Smith
Kathleen, GA

Very best wishes from everyone at the Georgia Council on Economic Education. You were the Keynote Speaker at our Founding Meeting in 1972 as Governor Carter and Keynote Speaker at our 25th Anniversary at The Carter Center in 1997.

David Martin
Atlanta, GA

May God bless you with health and many years of blessings. Happy birthday President Carter.

Dennis Edwards
Cincinnati, OH

Happy Birthday President Carter ! Thank you for all that you do.

Kanth Krishnan
Fremont, CA

Happy Birthday Mr. President! Your public service is an inspiration to me and countless people throughout the world.

Barry Gupton
Louisburg, NC

God bless you! Your life is a profound inspiration for me. Your faith and resilience amaze me. Happy Birthday,

Bill Harker
Chester, NY

Happy Birthday, Mr. President. You are an inspiration to all who know you. Wishing you continued good health and happiness.

Beverly Eden
San Francisco, CA

Happy birthday Mr President from a former archivist of the French Presidency during 20 years. Congratulations for the great work you do for the advancement of Human rights and especially Women's. All my Best wishes

Perrine Canavaggio
Paris, France

President Carter, You are a great man and an inspiration. You work continues to inspire us young people, most especially us Africans. We remain ever grateful for your service to humanity. Happy birthday, President.

Matthew Nyanplu
Monrovia, Liberia

Dear President Carter, Happy 90th Birthday! You are a hero and an inspiration to me along with so many others. I admire your wonderful work to make the world a better place. God bless you!

Kristi Jalics
Akron, OH

I think you are a terrific man. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and many more to come. God bless you abundantly.

Sylvia Camp
Perry, GA

Happy Birthday President Jimmy Carter ! Your many works are a gift to the world !

Dwayne Ricks and Family
Decatur, GA

Happy Birthday to one of the most admired people in this world. Your commitment to helping people sets a great example. I hope, President Carter, that you have many more happy years to enjoy life and help others. Love,

Carol W.
Boulder City, NV

Thanks for all the wonderful work and leadership that you have blessed the world with thru The Carter Institute!

Karen Turney

Happy birthday, President Carter! One of my most cherished memories was my granddad taking me to see you in Texarkana in 1980. You were the first President we ever saw in person. Thank you for such a wonderful memory. All the best to you and family.

Carla Thomas
Spring, TX

You are such an inspiration to all of us. You have done so much for the world to save lives of those less fortunate. May the Lord bless you with many more years. You are my hero!

Rebekah Britton
Flint, MI

President Carter, Every day of my life, you inspire me. Thank you for continuing to speak, especially on matters that are controversial. Your leadership is important now, and for the ages. Know and feel the love I and so many others have for you. H.B.!

Kathryn De Lawter
New York, NY

90 years. Not too shabby. I would vote for you again.

John Redell

May God continue to bless you!

Dennis Hooper
Findlay, OH

Happy Birthday Mr. President. Your tireless efforts to improve lives have been an inspiration to me and many others to carry on our lives with you as a model. You'll never know the lives you have changed. Thank you for being a true Christian!

Regina McDonald
Salina, KS

Happy Birthday President Carter. Thank you for all you and The Carter Center do to make the world a better place for us and for generations to come!

Doug Stephens
Summit, NJ

Happy Birthday to you Mr. President Jimmy Carter! I have always admired your integrity and humanity. I remember Walter Cronkite saying you were the most intelligent President we had, I agree. Bless you and Rosalynn for all your caring work. Love,

Jane Bishop
Albuquerque, NM

Happy birthday, Mr. President! I am honoured to have served you in your work with The Elders. You are a constant inspiration to anyone who believes in human rights.

Elliott Fox

Thank you for your MANY years of tireless service for the ideals of standing up for and giving voice to those that the world has largely marginalized and disenfranchised! I cherish the memory of meeting you at your church several years back.

Rev. Dr. Curt Miner
San Luis Obispo, CA

Couldn't ask for a better example of how to have an impact during post-president years. Thank you very much.

Mary Matthews
Washington, IL

Happy Birthday to one of our best-ever USA Presidents!

Lynda Richards
Rolla, MO

Happy birthday President Carter!

Dina Sadek
Washington, DC

Happy 90th Birthday! You are my favorite US President and when you served I couldn't vote. Keep up the great work!

Julie Viken
Saint Paul, MN

President Carter--I am proud of you and the work you have done since leaving office. Rather than resting on your substantial accomplishments culminating in becoming President of the United States, you have worked to do good! Thanks.

James Conner
Durham, NC

Happy Birthday, President Carter. You are an inspiration and a caring and compassionate human being. Thank you for all that you do.

Kim Wilczyk
Saint Paul, MN

Happy Birthday to one of the kindest, most caring, generous people in the world.

Sandra Dilley
New York, NY

You were a great President. You are a great Humanitarian. A great Carpenter who builds lives. A man long on wisdom and love. I got to meet you on an Easter Sunday past. I try everyday to work as hard as you to make the world a better place. God bless!

Joseph Kallas
Princeton, WI

Happy Birthday, President Carter. It is remarkable that serving as POTUS is almost a footnote on your impressive list of achievements. The world is a much better place because of your tireless efforts. Many more years of happiness and good work!

Amy Pulver
Washington, DC

Dear President Carter, You are a treasure for the United States and for the world. Thank you for your many services to all of us, we wish you a happy birthday. May God continue to bless us with your presence.

Michael and Mary Finger
Arlington, VA

Happy Birthday, Mr. President! Keep up your good work!

Randall Hilscher
Canton, OH

Happy Birthday, President Carter !! You have been the greatest ambassador for our country. May God continue to bless you.

Tom Plott
Opelika, AL

Happy birthday, President Carter! Your lifetime of service and the joy and determination you bring into the world inspires me greatly. Thank you for all that you do and for all that you are! With love and gratitude,

Adam Chandler
Charleston, SC

Happy Birthday dear man! I know you shall continue as you began - walking that good path and encouraging others. You are a true Bodhisattva.

Janice Morrison
Prospect Bay, NS, Canada

Happy Birthday President Carter, you and Rosalynn have been such an example of how wonderful the human soul can be. Your continual work is a legacy of goodness and success for helping so many. Sincerely,

Jill Wike
Griffin, GA

Thank you for all that you do Mr. President. May this birthday be the very best ever!

Barbara Woodruff
St. Louis, MO

Have a great day and thanks for all you do.

Vicki Carlson
Mankato, MN

It is just amazing how much you, President Carter, with support from your wife, have done for the world since you left office - a wonderful example for all Presidents to follow.

Morton Dworken
Falls Church, VA

Happy Birthday to my favorite president!

Sharon Torrisi
Hermosa Beach, CA

Happy Birthday President Carter. Every January my Dad has a birthday, a veteran flying officer of WW 2, a teenager risked life to bring freedom. These days it seems many engage in guns & bombs for oil policies. We need better and I try. Good luck.

Kevin Darroch
Edmonton, AB, Canada

Dear President Carter, Best wishes for a wonderful 90th birthday. God has blessed you with your long life which you have devoted to the service of us all. Happy Birthday.

Bob and Ginny Ballinger
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Much happiness on your 90th birthday. May God continue to Bless you and your family. Thank you for everything that you have done for our great country.

Betty Hester
Albany, GA

Happy birthday president Carter. I have admired you for close to 40 years. Thank you for your leadership.

Patrick Hendry
Herndon, VA

Peace ... my brother ... coming from your life of well intentioned Service to all of Mankind. The World is a Better World because there was a Jimmy Carter. Gratitude to you ... and wishing you a most special Birthday. Namaste,

Peter Forrest, M.D
Burkeville, TX

Thank you for continuing the great work that you do. Happy Birthday!

Judith Zivanovic
Lenexa, KS

God give you Long life

Pramod Stephen
Sugauli, India


Steve Santo
Brooklyn, NV

The Langleys in Flint, Michigan, wish you the best birthday ever, and thank you for your tireless work for humankind. Your birthday gives us hope as we are aging also. Most sincerely,

Shannon and Maryanna Langley
Flint, MI

Dear President Carter: Thank you for all that you have been doing to make the world a better place. You are an inspiration to us all! Love,

Ramona Rex
Aloha, OR

Happy Birthday. I admire your work with the Carter Center!

Marsha French
Venice, FL

You have always made me believe in the goodness of mankind. Thank you for sharing your kindness in our world.

Maureen Deloach
Hartwell, GA

Dear President Happy Birthday to you.........You are doing incredible job in Nepal...but, please mainstream the persons with disabilities issues also in your program in days to come............

Krishna Gahatraj

Happy Birthday, President Carter. Thank you for your service to this country as President and also for your humanitarian service and efforts to make this a better world.

Jack Pirson
Georgetown, TX

Thank you for your service to the American people and the world. You have shown us how we could and should make a difference. You have inspired us to be patrons to the world. Happy Birthday Mr President.

Eric Rose
Rochester, MN

Happy Birthday!

Raymond Lillie
Morristown, NJ

We wish you the very best! You have been such an inspiration to so many people during your 90 years, and I know that many others will be blessed with your friendship and abilities in the future. Thank you for all you do!

Janet Irish
Yamhill, OR

Very best wishes on your 90th, President Carter. We are grateful for your continuing gifts to the world.

Gary and Judy Marx
Vienna, VA

Happy Birthday and many more!

Tim Lippert
Broomfield, CO

Happy Birthday to the Best President ever, Best humanitarian, Nicest and most Courageous political figure I know.. You're a special person, words alone are not enough to express how happy I am you are celebrating another year of your life! God bless you

Jenan Aboul-Hosn
Austin, TX

Happy Birth Mr President. We love you!!!

Henry Mlinde
Lilongwe, Malawi

Brave, President Carter. You are an inspiration to us all. Many happy returns of the day.

Leila De Bruyne
Stamford, CT

Lisa D'Ambrosio
Lancaster, MA

Thank You for all that you have done and continue to do. Of all the living former Presidents I'm pleased in you to see that you are actually doing the good/ non-selfish deeds of one. Keep up the good work Mr. President, my favorite President!

Thomas Venus
Chico, CA

Happy Birthday...

Bill McGlone
New Haven, CT

Happy Birthday! 90 years well spent and more to come! Best wishes,

Carole Walker
Decatur, GA

Dear President Carter, Happy Birthday! You are such an inspiration to us all...thank you!

Suzanne Klein
Albany, CA


Debbie Marks

Dear President Carter I have always wanted to tell you how very much me and my children admire you and everything that you and Rosalynn continue to do to make our world a better place. You are a man of honor. You have a most wonderful birthday

Jason Machen
Bowman, GA

Happy birthday, President Carter, Continue enjoying good health !!!

Mildred Rogers
Brooklyn, NY

I am constantly inspired by your dedication to doing God's work in this world.

Betty Plagens
Eastanollee, GA

Have a GREAT BIRTHDAY! Thank you for all your good work around the world. Wishing you the best of everything.

Gianna Manzerolle
Windsor, ON, Canada

Happiest Birthday, Mr. President! So glad you are with us! Please, spend your day exactly as you please.

C. Craig
Seattle, WA

Happy Birthday to our most productive former President-keep it happening!

Ron Rubek
Ankeny, IA

Happy Day to one who has made so many in the world well and happy!

Elizabeth Spiegel
Atlanta, GA

Happy Birthday President Carter. If only we had more presidents like you. Have a great day, and thank you for all the wonderful work you do around the world.

Kathryn Jordan
Bermuda Dunes, CA

You're amazing! Wishing you a wonderful 90th birthday!

Nancy Fasano
Atlanta, GA

Dear President Carter, a warm and heartily birthday wish from your friends here in a sunny Denmark. Looking forward to work by your side until we have seen the last guinea worm. May you enjoy a wonderful day. All the best,

Torben Vestergaard Frandsen
Kolding, Denmark

Dear President Carter: Anna and I wish you the happiest of all birthdays on this your 90th year. You have added greatly to the struggle for human dignity.

Robert and Anna Sevier
Fort Wayne, IN

You have been my inspiration for many years. You are the true north to living as Christ would have us all live. Thank you so much for all you do to inspire and help us all. Happy Birthday and many more.

Kris De Vente
Binghamton, NY

Happy 90th Birthday! Mr. President, May God bless you many more! Thank you for giving so much to the world!

Lillian Labowsky
Wayne, NJ

Dear President Carter, God's blessings to you on the occasion of your 90th birthday. I have followed your life since I was 8 years old. I handed out campaign cards in 1976! My hope is to meet you some day, may you be blessed with many more years.

Jason Malott
Williamsport, MD

In our family we have but one hero. You are this hero, President Carter, a man we have admired and learned from since your presidency and the years that followed. Happy 90th Birthday and thank you!

Sue, Mark, Luke, and Jake Konrath
Hartford, WI

Happy birthday President Carter!! You are a fellow Georgian I can be proud of. I'm so grateful for your and Rosalyn's contributions to Atlanta, to Georgia, and to the world. ROCK ON!!!

Janet H
Decatur, GA

may you have a great birthday and may god be with you and god bless you.

Martin Tate
Coldwater, MI

Dorothy Carlo
Holyoke, MA

Happy birthday!!!

Aglaia Venters
Baton Rouge, LA

Happy Birthday President Carter, and Thank You for your tireless work for people all over the world.

Elizabeth Osoffsky
Louisville, KY

Happy Birthday Mr. Carter!

Alexa Venturini
Cornwall, CT

Happy 90th birthday. My family and i wish you all the best!!!

Kodjo Alphonse Adoukonou
Lome, Togo

Happy 90th Birthday and thank you for a lifetime of good works. You are an inspiration to the entire world. May you be blessed with many more healthy years.

Lois Battersby
Center Conway, NH

Happy Birthday Mr. President. Thank you for your humanitarian leadership. You are truly an inspiration for the world.

Ronnie Potts
Marietta, GA

Dear Mr. Jimmy, Congratulations on your milestone birthday. You continue to be an inspiration to all of us in your energy and commitment to service. May God bless you with many more years of good health and joy in your labors.

Ruthanne Rusnak
Sherwood, OR

L. Griffiths
Beaverton, OR

You are my hero and my idol and have made this world a better place. Happy Birthday.

Melany Granville
Dayton, OH

Happy Happy 90th Birthday President Carter. . . . . . . It hard to believe you are going to be 90 year young. Hope you Roslyn and your family have a grand birthday celebration for you. . . . Keep up your good work you are doing. Thank you.

Chrystyne Braaten
Oak Harbor, WA

Beloved Jimmy Carter, You are a shinning light leading the rest of us with your Love. I am immensely thankful to have you with us. May your stay be long. Sincerely,

Maria Rua
Paterson, NJ

HBJC !! Thank you for your lifetime of work for others.

Jeffry Labarge
Northampton, MA

Happy Birthday, President Carter! You are truly a national treasure and a role model for the world. Thank you for selfless work in so many humanitarian efforts. God bless you, sir.

Rick Carroll
Bowling Green, KY

To the BEST President we had in the 20th Century - I love you, President Carter!! Many happy returns and God Bless You always!!

Lorraine Barlett
Augusta, GA

Congratulations as you celebrate your 90th birthday. I wish you many more years of health and happiness.

Paul Skahan
Ottawa, ON, Canada

many many happy returns off the day dear Happy birthday to u

Muhammad Naeem

God Bless You and enjoy your birthday!

Diane Geisert
Easton, CT

Happy birthday my prez, may you live to achieve what your heart wants to do.

Damba Abarika
Accra, Ghana

Dear President Carter, Happy Birthday! We all hope you have a great day. I also would like you know that many Americans appreciate the causes that you have continued in order to help make the world a better place. Thank you.

Michael Solis
League City, TX

Happy Birthday President Carter, wishing you many more healthy and productive years

Adaku Uzomba
Flossmoor, IL

Happy Birthday, President Carter. May your day be filled with peace, love and laughter.

Myra Crawford

~ Dear Mr. Carter, A Bless~ed day to you ~ What a remarkable man you are... Thank you for your dedicated and laborious work you have provided for so many... You will always be an inspiration. A VERY HAPPY & JOYOUS BIRTHDAY!

Wendy Tanaka
Worthington, OH

Happy 90th birthday Mr. President!

Emmie Ledsinger
Bristol, FL

Happy Birthday Mr President! Many more!

Yusuf Agha
Brookline, MA

I continue to be amazed at you tireless work for others. You are an inspiration to me and so many others. I wish you the best of birthday's and hope for many more. God bless you and keep you in his heart. With Love and Respect,

R. Tracey Fulmer
Cape Coral, FL

Just a great big heartfelt thankyou for the example you have set for all of us. Happy Birthday and we are so glad you were born and that we have shared a bit of the life path with you. You are an inspiration

Ann McCann
Gouldsboro, ME

Dear Mr. Carter: Happy 90th birthday! You have inspired me in many ways and for many years. I enjoy playing the video or audio of your Nobel Lecture to my classes. Thank you for your leadership and for being a GREAT GEORGIAN! Best,

Sonja Bagby
Carrollton, GA

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. President .. integrity and caring are rare qualities

Charles Greco

Happy Birthday President Carter! You are a very special person and such a gift to the world!

Julia Phillips
Yorktown, VA

Happy birthday, My Friend - I've never met you, Mr. President, and probably never will. Yet, I know you are my friend.- Stay well.

Michael Cary
Jacksonville, FL


Elias Lopez
Homestead, FL

Happy to a wonderful person, still busy leading by example and showing the world how to take care of others.

Janis Hill
Marietta, GA

Dear President Carter, May your 90th birthday be a time of receiving and feeling the gratitude of the world for your compassionate leadership through all these years. Joy to you! Happy Birthday!

Kristi Larsen

Happy Birthday, President Carter. You have done much for others with your 90 years. I am glad you are unstoppable and age hasn't slowed you down. May God continue to bless you in all ways.

Juanita Clark
San Antonio, TX

Happy Birthday! It is wonderful that you have made it to this milestone. Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to make the world a better place especially for so many who seem to have been forgotten. In Christian love,

Carolyn Latimer
Monroe, GA

President Carter, what a pleasure to meet you twice, first in Niamey, Niger, then in Bamako, Mali, where I lived and worked in the 1990s. We are grateful for the work that you have done through the Carter Center and for the person that you are. Blessings!

Dale Hess
Goshen, IN

My Aunt, Geri Joseph, was your Ambassador to the Hague. Uncle Burton and Aunt Geri loved working with you. I am now hosting Kate Carter at my organization in Roswell. The Child Development Association also does great work in the world.

Roxane Leopold
Atlanta, GA

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